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1492 Columbus

Just 4 Teachers: Sharing Across Borders: Unit 5 Week 3 Columbus Explores New Lands Poem and Activity


Native Americans, in the way of industrialization, as are all people, animals…


Welcome to Room 36!: Christopher Columbus


FREE Printable Columbus Hat & Spyglass -- for Columbus Day. The hat has a Christian cross and the words "In 1492 Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue". The spyglass is actually a map of Columbus' route.


Exactly Columbus over here like oh look peaceful people ok men get them bitches turn them to slaves make them Christian latter we will push them off their land

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Handprint Boat Crafts for Columbus Day!

just when i was afraid i was going to have to make lame-o tri-corner hats...


Christopher Columbus- Columbus Circle NYC..yes he stands guard and faces Europe..looking for more sails

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We were here first.

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This Is What A Sailor Would Have Eaten If He Was On Columbus' Ship

Many believe that Christopher Columbus was the first to sail the open ocean and reach the Americas. What it not known are the numerous others who had already sailed the journey West, and those who sailed East. The Chinese once had a great fleet that was much larger than those of Europe, not just in the amount of ships, but the size as well. But with Columbus the world started its age of exploration more extensively.