Love this detail, getting anxious for my half sleeve

Love the depth of tone on the rose and the black shading in the background. I'd have roman numerals or elegant font on my wrist instead. I'd want the same placement but on my other arm and maybe less roses. k

Roman numerals date ring. Would love this with our wedding date for an anniversary gift sometime!

Anniversary Rings Roman numerals date ring. Not for the wedding band, but perhaps an anniversary ring Gold Wedding Band, Roman Numerals Ring, Date Ring,

Whether you're a new mom or a veteran in the game of parenthood, we rounded up 14 tattoo ideas to inspire you to keep a part of your child with you at all times.

14 Tattoo Ideas For Parents Wanting to Honor Their Kids

Roman Numerals: A way to show off some of the most important days of your life — your kids' birthdays.

A late Victorian fob watch and long chain  The fob watch with gilt dial and black Roman numerals, to cylinder escape movement, in elaborately engraved case, stamped '14k', the long chain of fancy knot links, to swivel clasp, watch case diameter 3.5cm, chain length 140cm.

highvictoriana: A late Victorian fob pocket watch and long chain with gilt dial.

1.25" Personalized Bar Bracelet - Z and our wedding date in Roman numerals would be so cute.

Personalized Bar Bracelet