100th day of school

Free graphing and shape recognition activity for the day of school. This is a wonderful activity for Kindergarten and grade students. Children color the shapes, then they complete the gra…

Sara J Creations: The 100th Day of School - Ideas and a FREEBIE. 10 math, literacy and social studies centers to make the 100th day fun and educational.

The 100th Day of School - Ideas and a FREEBIE

Ideas for acts of kindness - collect 100 canned food, or pet food, or slightly used toys or clothes, etc. to be donated.

100 Days of School Mystery Bag-Students fill the bag with 100 items and class tries to guess what's inside.-Freebie

100 Days of School

Books for 100th Day of School

Have fun with numbers in this hilarious new picture book by master storyteller and illustrator Tony Ross. One hundred shoes, please! said the little centipede. Fifty left ones, and fifty right ones.

This simple activity is great for the 100th day of school or to see how well students can follow directions. You could also use this for practice counting to 10, counting to 100, or counting by 10's to 100.   Enjoy!

The 100 Monster: Counting to 100 / Following Directions

Instead of telling them 10 of each body part.give them a 100 Body Part Challenge + labels.

Ready for 100 ideas for the 100th day of school? I also have a new freebie for you. If you scroll all the way down it will be there, I pr...

Jayson Jayson Kidwell - I didn't know if you had seen this, adorable idea for 100 days of learning @ school

101 days of school

101 days of School for 101 Day

101 days of school