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Solar panel system diagram


Gardeners hut - all off grid. Love the interior but not keen on the metal cladding outside.


What if you could power your house for an entire day just by exercising for an hour, would that motivate you to do it? I just love this idea, it could even become something that can be done as a family.People often complain about the high costs of energy and the fact that they “never have time to workout.” This invention certainly solves both conundrums.Most importantly, this free power invention has the potential to lift the 1.3 billion people who presently live without electricity out of…


In case you missed this one a while back, this is a great way to save $100.00 when you build your yard pond.  Or you can use a good old tire laying around and some visquean plastic.  Add a solar powered water pump, and you're all set!  Video on page 2Thanks to Wafa Kocht for this shareYoung couple quit jobs to build this glass house for...Its Magical To Turn A Bicycle Into A.....The Daily PalletMaking Soap Is Both...Turning A Tire Into...Its Magical To Turn...Arts And Crafts TimeFree Pallet…


TESLA POWERWALL - Energy Storage for the Home ---------------------------------------------------- The Tesla Motor Company, who specialise in Electric Vehicles, also use their Lithium-Ion battery technology for domestic power storage systems. This means that you can take "off-peak" cheaper energy from the grid and store it in your battery system to use when YOU want to. #Tesla #tech #science #cleanenergy

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The Only Man In History With The Right To Say 'I Told You So' To The Entire Planet

(Repinning for the "told you so" quip. ~~~The Only Man In History With The Right To Say 'I Told You So' To The Entire Planet


Example circuit diagrams of Solar Energy Systems


Hempcrete is an amazing natural building material. Energy-efficient, non-toxic and resistant to mold, insects and fire. If you are interested in Solar panels, chat us up on Twitter! :)

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Rayton's new super-efficient, affordable solar panels could trump fossil fuels

Striking another blow to the oil and gas industries, an American solar company has developed technology that can produce super-efficient solar power that’s cheaper than fossil fuels. Rayton Solar’s new solar panel manufacturing technology uses 50 to 100 times less silicon than other technologies, cutting out large amounts of the most costly component of solar panels


Solar Powered Floating Eco Home On The Water Is Nearly 100 Percent Recycleable