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I don't know about you but i always take a bath in my living room. With spotlights trained on me. Gorgeous suspended bath sphere


Mirenesse Forbidden Ink Crazy Coco Auto Lip Liner Next generation high def, ultra smooth long lasting gel ink lip liner designed to create the perfect lip. Two tones perfectly matched for a day to night look in seconds. Ideal for creating an anti-feathering lip line or full base to your lipstick.Easily create the perfect lip line or coat the entire lip super easy.100% humidity and oil proof. Brand new, in box. Giftable condition. Never used or swatched. Mirenesse Makeup Lip Liner

@anikafit loving mustering this morning in 43 degrees heat with 100% humidity. Lucky she was wearing our new Australian made shirt to get her through the day. #ringerswestern #australiancowgirls #jillaroo #australianmade #supportlocal


Will stop your makeup from melting in 100% humidity since your it stops your face from sweating. Amazing stuff. Used it on my wedding day when it was 95 degrees and super humid. My makeup didnt budge.... probably causes cancer or something but good to know theres a option.


*You've never seen science expriments look quite like this* Caption: A cloud of smoke lingers, mimicking how invisible water vapor condenses into visible water droplets to make clouds. Skinner waited for a Kentucky summer day with near-100% humidity so that the smoke would linger longer.


The Frosty Ice

The FISHY ITCHY Frosty Ice The Performance Shirt that hardly needs an introduction, the Frosty Ice is the coolest performance shirt out on the water. How cool does the Frosty Ice make you feel in the heat? Imagine Mr. Freeze in Batman spraying you with ice while fishing in 98 degrees with 100% humidity. #AMERICA


Some of the best times of my life were behind the plate. Loved every second of it. Catching a double header in 100 degree/100% humidity or hand going numb because of the cold, it didn't matter, I loved it all!