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Tone Fitness 10 lb Dumbbell Weight Set


Simple Inner thigh workout that can be made challenging... She performed Circuit 5 x like this with an active rest after performing 5 exercises with no rest ( 25 push ups, 50 jumping jacks with closed fist): adductor 50 reps >>plié pulses w 35 lb dumbbell 50 reps>>star jumps 25 reps >> walking lunge with 10 lb dumbbells 1 minute>> step ups holding 10lb dumbbell with kick 1 min each leg>>low squat with 20 lb dumbbell 20 reps>> push ups, jumping jacks ...repeat 4x. She finish with 2 mile run…

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10 Exercises You Can Do with 10-Pound Dumbbells


On top of taking my #Herbalife protein within 30 minutes post-workout I ALWAYS do a lot of glute isolated workouts for leg day to lift my glutes and make them more plump. TRY THESE ON YOUR NEXT LEG DAY!! (using 10 lbs ankle weights and a 10 lb dumbbell) • Side squat kickout: 3 X 12 ea • Side kickouts (holding a 10 lbs weight): 3 X 15 ea TAG YOUR LEG DAY PARTNER ! #CSIMSFITNESS #LegDay #BootyWork @trainwithcsimsfitness

I don't remember the exact date but it was a few rounds in on 21 Day Fix... that feeling of PRIDE when I first started incorporating 15 lb dumbbells in my #21DayFix workouts. I started with 5 lb and 10 lb weights and I took @autumncalabrese seriously you will plateau if you don't keep pushing up. For my #TransformationTuesday share I've got a Non Scale Victory to report that's got me beaming with pride again. I've just had this transformation last week or so... drumroll please... being able…

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