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a yellow and white striped shelf with a wooden top on it's sides, against a white background
25+ Things to Make with PVC Pipe
PVD Pipe Lemonade Stand. 25 things to make with PVC Pipe
a woman is sitting in a room with pink walls and white columns that have drawings on them
Inside the stunning new headquarters of a New York design startup that creates awesome spaces for tech companies and their execs
Creating various workspaces and conferences rooms was key.
four different images of playing dominos on the table with their hands holding them up
Letras con mucha luz para tu rincón favorito de casa, ¿te atreves?- más detalles: http://www.lachicadelacasadecaramelo.com/2014/02/diy-letra-con-bombillas-marquee-letter.html
a table topped with lots of cakes and cupcakes
Mesa de doces batizado. Olha, @fabiana3918 !
two different tables with vases sitting on top of them
little sassafras -
wow...love the base of this table! Trying to figure out what could be used to DIY this. #table #design
an office with plastic covering the counter and shelves on each side that says mini market
Mini Market: The Pop Up Art Department Store
günstige variante (mit frischhaltefolie) kann man vor ort auch noch bemalen mit illustrationen, und einfach neue sachen ranhängen, kleben, pinnen
a bathroom with pink walls and an art work hanging on the wall next to it
Decorator Showcase
Using hangars and clips to display art and other items. Scarves? Throws? Tapestries? You can even mount them on top of a consistent cardboard.
an exhibit booth with white walls and square shapes on the wall, in a large building
Points of Light
Comprised of little more than white laminate dotted with various square panels, Ansorg GmbH's hidden light fixtures beneath simple panels create a striking piece of shadow play! #eventprofs #booths #exhibits