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yoda saying when you go to grab some of the free lunch at work and someone says your department isn't included in the free lunch sorry
an image of a man with a beard looking out the window and saying, me trying to monitor the thing left in god's hands
100+ Hilarious Christian Memes to Brighten Your Day
a quote that says just burned 200 calories trying to avoid someone i know at walmart
32 Sarcastic Quotes, Witty Quotes, Or Just Funny Quotes
a man standing in front of a door with his hands in his pockets and the caption me every time i leave a room after being super kind of
Me every time I leave a room after being super kind and bubbly. - iFunny
an image of baby yoda with the caption saying, when i'm introduced to someone and they say we heard a lot about you
Best Collection of 100+ Baby Yoda Memes, Mandalorian, Star War Memes
an image of baby yoda with the caption don't rush me i'm waiting until the last minute
the baby yoda is sitting in a bowl and looking at something with caption that reads, sick and tired of these 30 min weekends
an older man sitting on a chair with a beer in his hand and the caption reads, you never relize how am it social you are until there's a pandemic and your life doesn't really change that much
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the baby yoda is smiling and looking at the camera with caption that reads, when you find out your crush knows your name