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Glosters Fancy Canary

Nice hair due! Gloster's Fancy Canary nature's cutest little punk rocker ~ stunningly adorable! (ava note: he looks a little like the fifth Beatle lol)

Positive words to uplift and inspire

You know that one negative word people say can cause people to stop dreaming, but me I don't care I will never stop dreaming and never lose how in my dreams! What about you? ( comment at bottom I will never lose hope in my dreams if u agree)

Full custom black gold glossy and matte combine act-electric resonator guitar

Full Custom Ivee Black Gold glossy and mat combine ac-electric resonator guitar unique handmade

Maui, Hawaii

Secret waterfall in Papaaea Ahupua`a, Haiku, Maui, Hawaii. I would love to travel to Hawaii one day and just explore the jungles and waterfalls. Some of the most beautiful things you can see in this world.