Mass production of Consolidated B-32 Dominator airplanes at Consolidated Aircraft Plant No. 4, near Fort Worth, Texas, during World War II

Dominate Bombardıman Uçak Fabrikası, 1944 Dominator bomber factory in Fort Worth, Texas, 1944

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

Bomber, "Memphis Belle", Tail The aircraft was then flown back…

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress & North American T-6 Texan (Painted As Zero)

Awesome ♥ Boeing Flying Fortress & North American Texan (Painted As Zero) ✈ Aero-Pictures ✈

WW II Planes

"Beatty's Dream," "Dakota Kid" and "Aleutian Tiger of the Texas Flying Legends Museum. by Moose Peterson

Thought I would put one big thread together on the Tomahawk. Was a busy time with Classic Fighters happening at pretty much the same time so never got round to it.