This easy scone recipe makes the best scones ever - it only has 3 ingredients and no added sugar! Perfect for breakfast or a snack!

Quick and Easy Scone

This easy scone recipe makes the best scones ever and it only has 3 ingredients!This easy scone recipe makes the best scones ever and it only has 3 ingredients!

Christmas Day treat! I so miss this! Yum! 100 times better than Ginger Ale!

Make Ginger Beer At Home: It Can Treat Arthritis, Stomach Aches, Reduce Cholesterol And Blood Su .

This is not just any beef stew… this is THE BEST Easy Crock Pot Beef Stew Recipe from Gonna Want Seconds. Look at that picture. Don’t you just want to grab a spoon, fork, or whatever and just dig right in?!

Crockpot Beef Stew

THIS ONE -- Easy Crockpot Beef Stew. The gravy is thick and rich and deliciously beefy. It’s loaded with lots of mushrooms, potatoes, carrots, peas and great herbs! This is one of my familys favorite Crockpot meals.

King Protea, South Africa's national flower

Our Protea. Overseers - Table Mountain, South Africa by Stefan Olivier, via Behance


The foodstuffs we are told ex-pat SAfricans miss the most. Miss mielie meal.

Mosbolletjies - a sweet glazed South African brioche with aniseed. (photography by Tasha Seccombe)

Mosbolletjies- A traditional South African sweet brioche, flavoured with aniseed and glazed with a simple syrup.

Pancakes ( African Style) _ These tender pancakes are a cross between crepe & American pancakes – a little thicker than crepes but not as thick as American pancakes . They are comparable to South African or Swedish pancakes. This is the pancake I know from Cameroon, West Africa, where I grew up, with slight variations. Serve hot sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar or syrup! - Immaculate Bites | #Pancakes #African

African Pancakes

Bobotie is a classic Cape Malay dish from South Africa - gently spiced mince with sultanas and flaked almonds baked under a savoury custard.

Bobotie revisited

Bobotie is a classic South African dish of gently-spiced ground meat full of raisins which is then oven-baked with a layer of savory egg custard on top to form a crust and keep the meat moist. Tradionally it is served with Yellow Rice.