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the two gentlemen of verona poster for pinot's shakespeare company,
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a red racing car with the words monte carlo on it
Ferrari F1 Monte Carlo Monaco Grand Prix 2019 Vintage Racing Art Poster •#Ad•
an advertisement for the all those food market, with columns and arches in different colors
디자인DB-디자인리포트-해외디자인리포트-Foodie 의 모든 것, All those food market | 인쇄물, 포스터 디자인, 이벤트 포스터
Foodie 의 모든 것, All those food market - 이미지
an advertisement for the royal academy of arts's summer exhibition, featuring a statue in front of a pink building
The Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition is an irreverent blaze of colour
an advertisement for the exhibition in which people are looking at buildings and pointing to them
Reakcja na modernizam. Architektura Adolfa Szyszko-Bohusza // REACTION TO MODERNISM. The Architecture of Adolf Szyszko-Bohusz Project: Joanna Sowula Plakat //
a poster with an image of two statues in front of a building and the words die spielzet 2012 / 13
Semperoper 2012/13 • Fons Hickmann m23
We designed this poster series using historical paintings and copper engravings, fragmenting them and recombining them in new ways. These collages let us play with blends of historical materials and colored surfaces,…