English Grade 1

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worksheet for reading the word i can read with pictures and words on it
FREE Reading Comprehension Check
an ocean themed worksheet with the words let's read and color on it
FREE Reading Comprehension Activities
making sentences for beginners with the words bee and the fly on yellow paper
Making Simple Sentences with Beginners – The Teaching Rabbit
Teach your kindergarten students how to begin making simple sentences! #sentences #makingsentences #sentencebuilding #kindergarten
three matching cards with letters and numbers to spell the word ship, which is in front of them
Digraphs Activities for First Grade and Kindergarten
Digraphs centers using bottle caps and other fun digraphs activities for first grade or kindergarten!
a table topped with lots of plastic containers filled with magnets and letter recognition cards
Sight Words Sentences Cards Fun Ideas and Centers
Sight words small groups lesson - put a sight words sentence card in front of each kids' spot and have them read it, build it, then pass... so much fun for learning sight words in first grade and kindergarten!
three matching cards with letters and numbers on them
Bottle Cap CVC Word Building Centers
CVC word building with bottle caps is an awesome reading center for word work - check out these ideas!