Erulize Van Staden

Erulize Van Staden

Erulize Van Staden
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Fill a glove w/beans, pearled barley, etc, give a few pats with it and slip quietly away. This lady is a genius..wish i would have seen this when the kiddos where babiesThis dad who figured out a...

Fill a glove with beans, pearled barley, rice, etc. Give a few pats and slip quietly away. This was a LIFESAVER when my daughter was an infant. I would nuke mine in the microwave to make it warm and helped soothe her too.

genie starting to cost more than you feel it's worth?  No worries- try this diaper genie hack and never buy

Cheerio necklace - takes 5 minutes to make and keeps your baby entertained while you do grocery shopping and run errands. Ha, only Vivienne is over plain cheerios.

Like the silhouette

SILHOUETTE WEDDING PHOTOS Getting ready for a photoshoot? Here are some inspiring photos. Silhouette photos shot from a distance capture grandiose and drama by juxtaposing the shadow of your bride and.