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Workouts Whenever you are working out you need to start with stretching or you can really hurt yourself. These are some good examples that you should do before every workout. Stretch until you feel a bit uncomfortable, but if you start hurting you're doing it wrong.

Instantly Open Tight Hips With These 8 Stretches from Popsugar. Tight hips are number one cause of lower back pain, so do these stretches daily!

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These are all really good poses for dancers to work at to improve their turnout. Plus, none of them (with the exception of the wide split and frog stretch) are super difficult!

Because tight hips are no good, these poses help reduce low back pain. Because tight hips are no good, these poses help reduce low back pain. was last modified: December…

T-Shirt For Yoga Lover.

YOGA SEQUENCE TO LOTUS POSE: I tore my ACL in got it reconstructed lotus was just out of the question. After almost 3 years of practice I can now do lotus comfortably hands free. Takes a lot of patience dedication but here are my tips to opening your

Do this for 2 weeks and watch your tummy flatten and thighs/butt get toned... all you need is a wall.

Happy Hips Yoga Sequence - Runners and the deskbound rejoice! Your tight hips will soon feel more open and relaxed. Just step onto your yoga mat or even the floor next to your computer and move through this hip-opening sequence.