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a bulletin board with colorful paper flowers and words written on the boards that read happy birthday
Garden of Greatness: a Lesson on Self-Esteem
Brighten up your classroom and your student’s self esteem with this colorful bulletin board and lesson.
a woman in a black leotard and tan ballet shoes is looking at the camera
Performing a Second Port de Bras and the movement principle for ballet
Think about your turnout as a spiral that starts at the hips and ends beyond your feet.
two women in black leotards are performing ballet moves on the floor while one woman is kneeling down
Dance Teacher Web Presents Core Building Exercise With Jessica Rizzo
Dance Teacher Web Presents Core Building Exercise With Jessica Rizzo
two women sitting on the floor in a dance studio, one holding her leg up
This can be a useful exercise to help strengthen your arabesque - just be careful to keep your deep tummy muscles working to support the lower back, and get your partner to hold your feet rather than sit on them!
an empty room with benches and shelves in it
Dance studio changing room | This is a photo of one of our 2 changing rooms.
a room filled with lots of mirrors on the wall
Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall: Decorating With Mirrors
This Would look great alternating displays of Good Will find Mirrors/Gold Mirrors Alternating with a Display of Film Posters and Celebrity Photos for the Dressing room of RAIN DANCE STUDIOS ~~~Decorating With Mirrors - check Goodwill for inexpensive mirrors!
a wall with many different types of signs hanging on it's sides and the word peace above them
Hooked On Yoga: Choosing A Studio Plus Free Online Classes - Tina Reale Yoga
a colorful striped pillow with polka dots on it
This adorable ribbon pillow cover is a great way to add a decorative touch to any room of your home! Ribbons of every color of the rainbow cover the pure white front.
a woman is writing on the wall with a marker and an easel in front of her
Love the little ledge to hold the markers.
many different colored chairs on a wooden deck with one sitting in the middle and another standing up
Pull Up a Chair
Get the FREE plans to build these brightly-colored kids' chairs on
a black couch with colorful pillows and pictures on the wall
Moving Company Quotes & Tips to Plan Your Move | MYMOVE
Cheap frames. Cheap colored mattes. Photos from a calendar. Boom. Cheap art. Really pretty. Really easy.
how to make a rainbow doormat for your front porch or patio with instructions and pictures
DIY Rainbow Doormat Tutorial
DIY Rainbow Doormat instructions - #DIY #rainbow #doormat
a dining room table with colorful plates and cups on top of it, next to two chairs
Angie's List
Like this color block idea! Each shelf with a different color except I think it would be adorable with white polka dots all over too. Awwww!