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Bird of paradise tropical flower - The World`s #1 Most Visited Video Chat Community

مدونة تقدم كل ما هو جديد في عالم المعلوميات من شروحات البرامج وأخبار تقنية ، الفيسبوك ، بلوجر، ربح من الانترنت ، الفوتشوب ,اشهار المواقع ، الانترنت ، تكنلوجيا حديثة

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Bird of paradise flower



Birds of Paradise Plant Pictures

Birds of Paradise Plant Pictures: First of all thanks to you of your visit of our pages. We provide you a best source of entertainment and provide beautiful colours, pictures, wallpapers, images, photos, backgrounds and those places which everyone wished to visit before but they can't afford it to visit those places which he loved due to some financial problems and distance or any other problems you have maybe. But here we published all those pictures and wallpapers, you can visit in a…

Mandela's Gold Strelitzia

Mandela's Gold Strelitzia

nice Flowers Strelitzia regina (Bird of Paradise Plant)

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Strelitzia Reginae - CloseUp by Reinhold Stansich

Strelitzia Reginae - CloseUp

The Motif English: Bird of paradise or Crane lily German: Paradiesvogelblume Latin: Strelitzia reginae I had some comments on the crop of the stem. I decided to go for this shot because I felt (and still feel) that it leads the eyes like a street. The blossom itself is like a building that is on this street, wating to be visited. I did some shots with the stem in the frame and I like them as well. None of them though felt that well balanced as this one to me, because the stem of this flower…