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a hand reaching out to another hand with the words, daughter, your faith has helped you mark 534
Mark 5:34
#bible #Jesus #love #faith #art Disclaimer: Please know the artwork is not mine. I only added the verse.
a poem written in green and white with the words short prayer for the man i love
Traditional Trinity🌱Christian Motherhood
Peaceful Whimsical Hippie Free Spirit Loving Nature Family Godly Christian Christianity Happy Home Mother Mom Mommy Motherhood Kids Children Aesthetic Boho Natural Organic Reiki Living Homemade Homeschool Beach Farm Farmhouse Animals Crafts Sewing Prayer Love Thankful Beauty Beautiful Faith Grace calm Gentle sisterhood Friends Life Journey Happiness Pregnancy Breastfeeding Breastfed Infant Postpartum Modesty Fashion Clothing Marriage delicate sweet toddler little girl girlhood
the back cover of ten ways to love, written in black and white on a beige background
Love like the Scriptures
Bible Scriptures examples of love! #faith #quoteoftheday #bible #scripture
a poem written in black and white with the words prayer, god, when i feel weak
a poem written in the language of jesus's name
a wooden bridge leading to a forest with the sun setting in the background and an inspirational quote written on it