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Rock Daisy

ROCK DAISY There are several genera of plants in the daisy family that are called “Rock daisy“. They are most suitable for the rock gardens, these flowering plants thrive well in neglect and in the lack of water.


"Creative Commons Flowers of Nerium oleander in our front yard in Chelsea, Victoria, Australia.By Ian W. Fieggen, licensed under CC


How to winterize. Blanket flower is a short lived perennial that tends to reseed. There are several schools of thought about preparing blanket flower for winter. Some gardeners feel pruning and mulching is the way to go. Others do not. Learn more here.

agave 2

All plants need water to survive. However, like plants that require more water, there are plants that grow in lack of water. They are the best drought tolerant plants and can live without water for a long time.

So, I always thought it would be cool to honeymoon or vacation in Switzerland. I've already been there once and would like to go again.

This photo is taken from an eye angle someone has probably been standing on another mountain and looking on the foreground, mid ground and background in this photo. Switzerland landscape by Robin Halioua.