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Eredhion Faeron

Eredhion Faeron
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Star Wars: Rebel Ambush by TDSOD on DeviantArt

An Imperial Star Destroyer & a Victory II-class Destroyer gets ambushed by a Rebel Alliance fleet around an unknown planetary system. Hours of work: edited in Photoshop CC For the Imperial II-class Star

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Young readers adaptation of Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens.

nightmare-dressed-like-daydream: “ I found these books for kids which tells the story The Force Awakens and there are some brilliant illustrations in it. More are still coming btw.

Kylo Ren--I'm not even sorry about how many pictures of him I'm pinning...he's SUCH a great character! So complicated....and there IS still light in him...

holepsi: SWTFA Kylo Ren “ A lot of people seemed to like that Kylo sketch I posted not so long ago, so I decided to spend an hour or so more and Improve™ it.