Beef stew with sweet potato topping

A perfect for meal for a whole family setting, the Beef Stew with Sweet Potato Topping also has plenty of hidden vegetables in it.

Winter warmer: lamb pie recipe

Splurge on a bit of lamb this weekend to spoil the family with this mouthwatering pie.

Chicken curry

This curry chicken and rice recipe is served over homemade coconut rice and garnished with fresh parley. Curry Chicken and Rice Recipe from Grandmothers Kitchen.

Chicken and rice bake

Chicken and rice bake. A tasty one pot chicken dish perfect for lunch or dinner.

Chicken biryani

Taking a few shortcuts doesn't mean you have to compromise on flavour. This easy Biryani is packed with spices, tender chicken and aromatic rice.

Beef lasagne

easy ( I would add grated cheese as well)

Chicken bunny chow with rye bread

From the YOU test kitchen: Chicken bunny chow with rye bread

Lamb curry

The winning recipe from Christa Adendorff uses a combination of spices for a deliciously fragrant meal.

One-pot lentil and sausages

Most likely one of the preferred ways of cooking for those who don't really enjoy cooking but love spoiling loved ones: the one-pot solution!

Shepherd’s pie

A South African favourite comfort food for both young and old. Shepherd’s Pie or cottage pie (Herderspastei), is a meat pie with a crust normally made from mashed potato but in this case sweet potato.

Chicken, potato and chickpea curry with basmati rice

Today's offering is 'n great combination of tastes from across the globe