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a bunch of different types of papers on top of each other in various colors and sizes
Dine Together Game Art
the legend of skeleton man by joseph bruchac is out now on amazon
Matt Rockefeller
an illustration of a woman on top of a tree with the words making above her
Maria Makiling: Lovelorn Mountain Goddess of the Philippines
the cover of behind the canvas
100 Best Books for 6th Graders (Age 11 – 12)
the cover to wild magic, with an illustration of a woman holding a bow and arrow
The Immortals Quartet Covers
the book cover for lost in the never woods, with an image of a woman standing in
27 New Young Adult Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books To Get Your Hands On This Spring
the cover to frost fire, with an image of a woman in front of mountains
Frostfire: a truly stand-out fantasy - perfect for middle-grade readers
the wind in the willows book cover with an image of two people on a beach
Penguin Design Awards 2013
Penguin Design Awards 2013 by Charlie Davis, via Behance
four different posters with cartoon characters on them
Spotlight on....Karl James Mountford - Boxbird
On the boxbird blog today We talk to Karl James Mountford about his beautiful book cover illustrations, how he got started in Illustration, his inspirations... #illustration #karljamesmountford #boxbirdgallery #boxbird #boxbirdblog #artblog #illustrationblog #childrensbook
a large hamburger with a drink and birds flying around it on a dark background, surrounded by confetti
Fresh and Tasty Fast Food, Burger, Fries & Cold Drink Stock Image - Image of french, dessert: 268576385
a large hamburger sitting on top of a sandy beach next to the ocean with birds flying over it
Social Media Projects :: Photos, videos, logos, illustrations and branding
the flyer for an event is shown in red and yellow
Fast Food Challenge Flyer Template
Fast Food Challenge Flyer Template. Fully editable flyer template. #flyer #design #printDesign #template #advertisement #burger #cafe #challenge #competition #contest #event #FastFood #food #FoodChallenge #JunkFood #party #pizza #poster #prassiod #promote #show
an advertisement for a restaurant with a large hamburger and a drink on the table next to it
Burger Flyer Design
Burger Flyer Design #flyer #flyeres #flyerdesign #flayers #brochure