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That's our boys ♡

The cast of Anchorman talking about aww xx.>>> and they have beautiful hair so I can't argue with them

These boys :)

Our fav boys are even adorable when doing little kid stuff love Niall and Harry and zayn and look at Harry's face he can be A sour puss but we still love him

That boy...

actually IS it possible for cats to go to space?<<< They put a monkey in space I think?

Love these boys so much.

Haha yea ya know that's everyone's bad habit is sitting in a bowl of custard

Thank you boys ♡

Thank you boys! I'll always love you! thank you for saving my life boys!

oh harry

Liam: "I like the fact that our fans have posters of us in their rooms." Harry: "And I love the fact that they get undresses in front of us." Oh Styles its funny but weird at the same time

I believe this about all the boys.

I know I've pinned this before but I had to again just because this is the truest thing I've ever read about harry. So many people think he is an awful person but I believe this one of the kindest, down to earth celebrities out there.