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oh harry

Liam: "I like the fact that our fans have posters of us in their rooms." Harry: "And I love the fact that they get undresses in front of us." Oh Styles its funny but weird at the same time

I believe this about all the boys.

This is so true. This is also why I love him! He's amazing! And such an amazing role model! Love you Hazza!

I'm crying D':...... really i think i dunno actually what to think im excited for them to have a family but i want them to be those 5 boys who auditened on the X FACTOR and lost but one the world the 4 boys who stole our hearts and the 1 who ate it i want them to be ONE DIRECTION ALL THE TIME but they cant be and i hate it

My heart is completely torn just reading this. Don't know what will happen if this ever happens.

Guys just stop. All of them are sick of it. They aren't gay. Louis loves Eleanor. Eleanor love Louis.

aww): maybe people shouldn't be so serious about larry. i love the larry stylinson ship, but not in a real relationship way, more as a way to recognize the great friendship they have brothers.