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a white house with black trim and arched windows on the front door is surrounded by trees
wutopia lab adds micro chinese garden to 'the hiding house' in shanghai
three people riding bikes down some stairs with grass growing on the top and below them
Muro De Contención De Tierras | Mitlan Ingeniería
Muro De Contención De Tierras | Mitlan Ingeniería
an architectural drawing showing the details of a section of a wall and how it's made
Turner Residence
Rain Garden Collaborating with Sherwood Design Engineers, site drainage was integrated early into the architecture and landscape design. Seasonal rains are managed onsite through multiple rain gardens which collect and control storm water runoff from the roof, decks, and pool terrace. This system decreases on site erosion and possible flooding to the city’s drainage downstream from the project site.
a woman is walking down the street in front of some old stone buildings with thatched roofs
Travel guide: 1-week itinerary in Puglia • Dancing the earth
an image of a close up view of a brick sidewalk that looks like it is made out of wood
EXTERIOR | Kaswell Flooring Systems
an aerial view of some green plants growing on the concrete walkway in front of a house
Dunn Garden and The Center for Urban Horticulture
cool paving