The number of adults using smartphones to monitor their #health is expected to triple this year. As more #patients get active, security remains top of mind.

The social people behind CDW Healthcare are doing a good job putting out some great content on social media. A great example of this is this Digital Patient Infographic that they recently posted: I.

#Healthcare IT Trends - #Technology Transforming Healthcare

Infographic: Healthcare IT Trends Transforming Healthcare via Hitoshi Nakamura Nakamura Ohtsuki Consultant Media

The Possibilities for #HealthCare

Institute of Medicine Infographic: The Possibilities for Health Care

Infographic - Institute of Medicine--what's possible in health care? What can we learn from other industries?

While the implementation of the Affordable Care Act continues, it’s always good to keep a sense of perspective about what the U.S. #healthcare market looks like now.  #costs

A detailed look at healthcare in the US in comparison to other countries around the world, highlighting the issue of exorbitant medical costs. US healthcare, medical expenses, healthcare costs, healthcare statistics.

How much do you rely on digital when searching for #healthcare?

Infographic: Time for a digital health check-up! Find out how many Americans go online to search for health information. Via Loi Smith Care Communication News