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The Peas Pod: Zoom Tips for Preschool Teachers Preschool Teachers, Teaching Kids, Kids Learning, Play Therapy, Art Therapy, Digital Citizenship, Google Classroom, Emotional Intelligence, Reggio

Zoom Tips for Preschool Teachers

Today's post is by a guest writer, Lindi Bell founder and head of Small World School a Reggio inspired preschool in South Africa. Lindi has over 25 years experience teaching children and is a mother of three. She has conducted and attended courses on Multiple Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Art Therapy, Play Therapy, Imago relationship Theory, the Reggio Approach and many more. She holds a very strong image of children, as she has seen what they can do, given a ‘Yes’ environment that…

The Peas Pod: Nappy (diaper) changing box of tricks Pea Pods, Box, Snare Drum, Snap Peas

Nappy (diaper) changing box of tricks

We put together a box with everything we needed for nappy changes so that we would have everything on hand whereever we were in the house. 1. Plactic Storage tub 2. Nappies in two sizes - we used Pampers Active size 5 and 6 3. Maxi Pads - we used StayFree Ultra Thins with the cottron touch cover. We chose these because they are cheap and they have a cotton cover and not a dry max cover like Always which might have irritated his skin. 4. Panty liners - we used Comfite Body Shaped Panty…

The Peas Pod: A Time to Remember Interview for Kids

A Time to Remember Interview for Kids

It has been a very long time since I posted anything on this blog. I now have three kids and am a preschool teacher and time just slips through my fingers everyday and I wonder where it went but can't get it back. However the current global pandemic has given me pause and made me want to keep a record of this unprecedented time in our history. So I have decided to post in my blog again. Who knows how much I will manage to do but at least when I look back I will be able to see some of what…

With both my children I decided to try for as natural a birth as possible. Between studying early childhood brain development and going to T.

Labour Aids and my birth experience

With both my children I decided to try for as natural a birth as possible. Between studying early childhood brain development and going to Tina Otte's antenatal classes I decided that natural was best for the baby. My mom and grandmother also had 'easy*' labours so I decided to try it. I also hate hospital and so when my physio told me about Genesis Clinic I was sold. Now that I've had two children I can safely say that I am extremly blessed with 'easy*' labours as well so natural birth was…

This weekend was Valentine's Day, a day which has been completely over commercialised. On Valentine's Day a meal costs twice as much a. Pea Pods, Valentines Day, Meal, Celebrities, Valantine Day, Valentine's Day, Food, Valentines, Celebs

How we celebrate Valentine's day as a family

This weekend was Valentine's Day, a day which has been completely over commercialised. On Valentine's Day a meal costs twice as much as any other day and don't even try to order roses unless you've got money like Donald Trump. My hubby has also been totally irritated by the commercialism of the day but I have always insisted on celebrating it. However in recent years, with the craziness of kids, it has become less important to me to be romanced on Valentine's Day. So we decided to include…

Something about brown paper packages tied up with Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas Creative Christmas Gifts, Holiday Gifts, Christmas Crafts, Christmas Presents, Handmade Christmas, Creative Gifts, Christmas Wreaths, Christmas Decorations, Xmas

Saving money at Christmas

A friend of mine was writing an article on budgeting at Chrismas. She asked for some ideas on what you could do to save money this Christmas. At first I thought I have nothing to contribute but after some thought I realized I actually do a lot of things to save money during the Christmas season but they have become so normal that I don't realise I am doing them. So I thought I would share the ideas on my blog just in case I can help some other families out at this crazy and expensive time of…

Dealing with bad dreams using my child's imagination. Bad Dreams, Curious George, Poker Table, My Children, Imagination, Symbols, My Boys, Poker Table Top, Fantasy

Combating bad dreams

Curious George has a fantastic imagination and with that comes a lot of anxieties. Unfortunately some times I add to these inadvertently because he asks such grown up questions and I always endevour to give him honest answers. I do my best to soften the blow but there's no 'nice' way to answer questions like "how does your body die"? His intense imagination, enquiring mind and traumatic leg break all lead to him having bad dreams from quite a young age. The dreams were distressing for him…

Maxi CosiReplacement Seat Cover For Tobi-Black

Choosing a Car Seat (9kgs plus)

November 2010 We are in the process of buying a new car seat for Curious George. He is getting to the top of the weight and height range for his little Graco snug ride which goes up to 10kgs and 73cm. So we decided to start looking around at seats on the market and have found ourselves completely overwhelmed. It feels like and immense decision - it’s the safety of your child after all. So in my usual fashion I have done two things - worried that I would make the wrong decision and find out…

The Peas Pod: Nappy (diaper) changing in a Spica cast Pea Pods, Hard Part, Onesies, It Cast, Change, Kids, Children, Boys, Babies Clothes

Nappy (diaper) changing in a Spica cast

This is something I really wanted to share because for me this has been one of the hardest parts of the Spica cast. Just trying to figure out how to put a nappy on Curious George required some serious Internet research. We found some very helpful websites and YouTube videos. Take a look.... Hip Spica-Baby-Toddler-Toileting - The Steps Charity You Tube videos on Spica Casts so look the others up as well. Caring for an Infant/Child in a Spica Cast Hip Spica Cast: Info for the Worried Parent…