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Perhaps as a composite - with strings on me, or someone else... an interesting concept...  Puppeteer

You had no right to string me along the way you did. And you have no right to criticize me for the way I decide to cut those strings that made me such a fool.

2. Behave Yourselves!  “Americans, behave yourselves,” President Obama said during a joint press conference with South African President Jacob Zuma on Saturday. Obama complained – as he has in the past – that “my press” tries to squeeze “three or four or five questions in there,” while complimenting Zuma on his more obedient media.

Arrogant Obama Calls Americans His Customers ➡ Plans More Of The Same Destruction!

Still critical: South African president Jacob Zuma addresses journalists in Johannesburg on Monday.

Government: The President of South Africa is Jacob Zuma. In South Africa you are elected for five year terms. You can serve up to two terms.