Liz Avoni

Liz Avoni

Liz Avoni
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Tsebhi sega, (spicy minced meat) - Eritrea

How to Make the Ethiopian Spice Mix Berbere

Tsiren Dakeken Nama (Minced meat Skewers) | food from northern Nigeria

Dakeken Nama You really want this stuff on your christmas menu, the taste is phenomenal; chopped onions and Yagi really bring out the best in minced meat.

One Perfect Bite: West African Peanut Soup - Groundnut Stew

From the kitchen of One Perfect Bite. This rich and delicious soup is quite thick and often used as a sauce for rice or chicken. I came ac.

My cats do this all the time they must hate me so disrespectful i feed them all the time and they treat me like this

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