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two women dressed in traditional japanese clothing walking on the grass with other people behind them
beautiful tibetan women at Litang Fashion Show with breathtaking amounts of pure gold
a woman wearing an elaborate headdress and beads
Tibetan Khampa woman in festival dress
a woman with large earrings standing next to other women in colorful clothing and scarves
Tibetan people
T'nalak Portrait by mikesantos - Traditional Portrait Photography, Tapestry Making, Traditional Tapestry, Faces Portrait, Philippines Photography, Filipino People, Culture Photography, Study English, Philippines Culture
'T'nalak Portrait' by mikesantos
T'nalak Portrait by mikesantos -
an african woman with colorful jewelry on her head and necklaces around her neck, smiling
Inside the wonderful world of #Kenya's #Samburu people
an african woman wearing a green headdress and jewelry
The Origin of Black People According to the Bible
The Bible provides references to various individuals and groups in Africa, and some scholars contend that these references encompass Black Africans. It is crucial to understand that the ancient world did not conceptualize race as contemporary societies do, often classifying individuals based on ethnic or regional affiliations. In the biblical narrative, there are instances where Black Africans are believed to be alluded to: