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a white picket fence surrounded by lots of flowers and lights in front of some houses
How to Plan Your Perfect Cut Flower Garden This Season
Are you thinking about starting a cut flower garden, and have no idea where to start? I'll show you the process I go through when planning my cut flower garden. #planningacutflowergarden #cottagegarden #flowergardenideas
the instructions for how to grow potatoes in square feet
Growing Potatoes In Bags
there are many rows of plants in the field that have been planted and laid out
Weed block fabric.
I am using a homemade template from scrap lumber to burn holes in the weed block fabric for dahlias. The 7” holes are 12” apart from the center of the first hole to the center of the second hole going across as I have 2 rows of dahlias in each bed. I use a handheld propane torch with a built-in regulator that allows you to hold the torch downward without the flame going out. It costs around $50.00 from my local home improvement store. #gardening #growingflowers #dahlias #cuttinggarden
a wooden fence with plants growing on it
10 Inspiring Garden Fences
10 Inspiring Garden Fences | The Family Handyman
an image of a chicken in a coop that is made out of wood and plastic
Our Chicken Coop
chickens and roosters in an enclosed area near a black house with white trim on the roof
4 x 4 Construction Chicken Coops -
two pictures showing different stages of growing lettuce in the ground and on top of each other
25+ Garden Pallet Projects
Wooden Pallet Vegetable Gardening | 25+ neat garden projects with wood pallets
a plant growing out of dirt with the names of plants on it and numbers below
When To Plant Vegetable Garden - Get Help
a wooden bowl filled with lots of purple and yellow soaps next to some flowers
Cut up pool noodle for better drainage in large planters #FoodSafetyTipsAtHome
a bike with flowers in the basket is parked next to a mailbox and some grass
spaghetti sauce for canning with fresh tomatoes in a large metal pan on top of a stove
Spaghetti Sauce for Canning (Use Fresh or Frozen Tomatoes)
Never buy spaghetti sauce from the store again.This homemade canning spaghetti sauce recipe is slow cooked and loaded with flavor.
5h 20m
the steps to canning spaghetti sauce are shown in three different pictures, including tomatoes and peppers
Canning Spaghetti Sauce - Step-by-Step Instructions
Canning Spaghetti Sauce - My Great Grandmothers canned spaghetti sauce recipe. Step by Step Instructions.
a rabbit sitting in the grass behind a fence
Want to Know How to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden? Read This
How to Keep Rabbits Out of Garden, I HAVE to remember this, I have a huge rabbit problem in my yard!