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This. A million times over.

This is ME! I could have written these exact words. Therefore, I dont want what others think they have. I have no time for immature bullshit. I want REAL!

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“You've got too much soul to tire yourself out on a boy pretending that he's a man.

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He told me that I was just too much. So I looked him straight in the eyes, laughed, and told his ass - nah, you just ain't enough.

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and before a trolling ass dude comes through my comments talkin bout "that goes for women too" -- I KNOW, WE KNOW, the fucking post can go both ways. So save your little trolling ass spirit fingers to scratch your balls or something.

Cici B

This is what he did for me. he was willing to wait for me as long as it took. and I fucking walked away.

dumb enough to hurt her

And that you did twin flame, you broke his spell, and for that I thank you