2. With braces flossing is essencial in helping remove all the food and plaque that will get stuck between your braces. You will need to buy specialised floss that allows you to thread the floss between the wires and the teeth.

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3. One of the many hassles with wearing braces is that they can break if you’re not careful. Avoid eating food that is very hard and/or very sticky. Foods such as nuts, hard candy, popcorn are not recommended while wearing braces.

1. Braces create more space where food and plaque will accumulate. Follow a strict oral hygiene routine by brushing with an electric toothbrush as the rotating brush head is the only sure way to remove the plaque that has built up between the brackets. Specialised brush heads that help get in between the wires of your braces are available for most new electric toothbrushe.

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