My, my it's bobotie pie! | Melkkos & Merlot recipe

That South African classic, bobotie, in new guise – as mini phylo-bobotie pies. Another Melkkos and Merlot recipe.

Sweet pot bread, a South African braai classic.

Pot bread with a sweet twist. Brown sugar and cream turn the traditional braai classic into a sticky treat your kids will devour.

Kannie-flop outydse pannekoek resep – Melkkos & Merlot

Paper thin French-style pancakes or crepes. Another can't fail Melkkos and Merlot recipe.

Traditional South African Frikkadels – Melkkos and Merlot

Old-fashioned frikkadels the way great gran made them. You'll love 'em and your kids will too. Make this South African classic tonight.

Traditional South African green bean bredie with a zesty modern twist

Traditional green bean and lamb bredie with a zesty modern twist – MELKKOS & MERLOT

Baked apple malva pudding - Melkkos and Merlot

Oondgebak en nie skaam met die sous nie, dis my appel malva poeding. & Skeppie vanielje-roomys is al wat hy vra.

One-minute lemon meringue

One Minute Lemon Meringue recipe - lekker vir kamp,jy kan ook mascarpone kaas gebruik in pleks van/saam met joghurt

Jalapeno beef burger with guacamole

Juicy thick beef burger stuffed with jalapeno and dripping with oozy mozzarella. A dollop of guacamole and it& time to tuck in.

Rosemary lamb chops with green olive salsa verde.

Rosemary-marinated Karoo lamb chops done on the braai with salty, tangy green olive salsa verde. Local-is-lekker meets the Med!

Southern Fried Chicken

Your very own home-made 'Kentucky fried chicken'. This recipe for Southern Fried Chicken is packed with herbs, spices and a touch of cheeky chilli.

My best-ever jam doughnuts.

Jam doughnuts the way they should be – not oily at all. These are light, doughy and yeasty in the best sense of the word.

Inflation-busting, freezer-friendly pulled pork. FIVE EASY RECIPES for busy weeknights.

Pork shoulder, a seriously cheap cut transformed by low n slow roasting. It's inflation-busting freezer-friendly. Try these 5 easy ways with pulled pork!

Banting friendly and for those who love their carbs, this chicken, leek and mushroom burger hits the spot.

A gourmet burger feast, this one combines chicken with its big mate soft, buttery leeks. A fat black mushroom completes this tasty treat.