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Broccoli,cheddar, bacon casserole

INGREDIENTS 1 large head of broccoli, cut into small florets 2 cups grated sharp cheddar 2 tbsp butter cup cream cheese 1 cup heavy cream 2 cloves crushed garlic cup crumbled bacon

Banting | granola recipe

One of the things I do miss with the Banting lifestyle is breakfast cereal, particularly muesli. This nut granola recipe was so quick and easy to do, plus when

Lasagna made w/ Zucchini instead of noodles

How to Make a Lasagna Using Zucchini Instead of Pasta. With the rising number of people trying to reduce or eliminate carbohydrates from their diet, more new low carb recipes are emerging. One way to have your lasagna and eat it too is to.

Roasted Cabbage w/bacon & feta cheese crumbles

Roasted Cabbage w/bacon feta cheese crumbles - preheat oven to Slice cabbage, place on cookie sheet brush with olive oil. Season with black pepper, LIGHTLY drizzle with red wine vinegar. Top with cooked bacon feta, return to oven for mins