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there are many cups with candy in them on the table, and one has googly eyes
Monsters Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 11 of 13
A giant bowel with one set of googoo eyes would be cute. You can fill with whatever treat. How cute.
some kind of monster cookie kit with candy and candies on the table next to it
Monster Cookie Kit + 18 Halloween Printables
Build a Monster Cookie Kit -- a fun kit to give out at any Halloween party! Let them build their own monster party! Click to get the supply list and free printable tags.
rice krispy treats with eyes and googly eyes on them
First Birthday Celebration!
Monster Rice Krispies Treats. A little melting chocolate in different colors, and some edible candy eyes, A Girl After My Own Heart: First Birthday Celebration!
some water bottles with faces on them and drinking straws
toddler monster party - Google Search
some paper hats with googly eyes and pom - poms on them sitting on a table
Monster Party - Repeat Crafter Me
Monster Party - The Party Hats
three paper bags decorated with monster faces and mouths, all lined up on a table
Not-so-scary monster party ideas for Halloween
Halloween party goodie bags: Super easy DIY project
there are many different bags with faces on them
Search for "label/monster party" | Kara's Party Ideas
moster juice - Click image to find more Holidays & Events Pinterest pins
two pictures of balloons with faces on them and the same one has eyes, nose, mouth
Visual Vocabularie
Monster Faces on 3' Balloons
the collage shows different types of party favors for children's birthdays and parties
Monster Party Finale: The Party Recap
Cook It, Clean It, Make It Fun: Monster Party Finale: The Party Recap
four different colored cups with faces painted on them and one has a toothbrush in it | The official home for all things Disney
Monster Playdough