Crostini Bar

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Roasted Red Pepper & Ricotta Crostini is the perfect quick Summer appetizer. Light, creamy, and fresh, you'll love this simple, satisfying dish!

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A bruschetta bar: super easy, can be made in advance, can be served cold, and is inexpensive.

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PEACH CROSTINI & GOAT small baguette (I used a combo of Italian & pumpernickel) oz Soft Goat Cheese (or Tofutti cream cheese for those allergic to Dairy) Peach handful of fresh basil T EVOO •Honey for drizzle

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Dehydrated Meals Prepping and Cooking - Explanation of some prep, handling, and storage of dehydrated foods. Jared cooks up a meal from components of his backpack or emergency food system. Yes, we use store bought noodles for the meals. The cooking time w

SO EASY! Made with (and put into) Baba ganoush. Yummy and easy! Roasted Garlic ~ How to roast whole heads of garlic in the oven so you can eat warm, toasty cloves right out of the garlic head. ~

The colors, the smells, the sounds - it was a dream come true to shoot, and to be a part of. If you did not make it, hopefully this will make up for it. And make you wait at the edge of your seat for the next year's Weddings in Woodinville.

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