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Elsie Ehlers
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The ex's ho, Julie Anderson, has DV quotes on her pages, yet she cannot see it right in her face! She is engaged to a convicted Abuser, he has NPD and is a great Actor and compulsive liar.

The Narcissist's Mind Control Tactic of Assumption | Narcissist, Sociopath, and Psychopath Abuse Recovery

Psychopaths are practiced liars who pathologically harm others for their own self gratification, lust, and need to fill the void that occupies their dark soul.

'How falling in live with a narcissist changed my life forever'. Sexinmiami blog /BEST!!! THIS IS TRULY ONE OF THE BEST ARTICLES I HAVE EVER READ EXPLAINING THE DISORDER, RELATIONSHIP PROGRESSION, TACTICS  GAMES OF THE NARC, ETC. Please read this. Very good education  affirmation for what u have been through. No one can negate what you know to be true in your heart  in your head!  Narcissistic Sociopath Abuse  Recovery

Breaking up with a histrionic or narcissist? Be prepared for the battle of your life! While you are an emotional basket case, he is as Cold as Ice! While you are left holding down the fort and deal…