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an old poem written in black ink on parchment paper with the words,'shelter first fire
The Open Book
the three survival rules for humans who live for 3 days without water info graphic by flickr
The Survival Rules of Three - Infographic - Preparing For SHTF
an info poster showing the different types of water and how to use it in your home
Survival Rules of 3 INFOGRAPHIC
Diy, Outdoor, Plastic Bottle, How To Use, Drink, Container
How to Use a Plastic Bottle to Make Seawater Drinkable
North Carolina, Emergency Prepardness, Emergency Preparedness Kit, Disaster Supplies Kit
My One-Stop Complete List To Be Prepared in an Uncertain World
Organisation, Emergency Radio, In Case Of Emergency
Emergency Bag, By Any Means Necessary, Apocalypse Survival, Emergency Plan
How To Purify Water
Homestead Survival, Nutrition, Food Storage, Diy Furniture, Diy Plans, Survival Food
9 Survival Food Items That Will Outlast The Apocalypse
Gadgets, Survival Gear, Survival Kits, Survival Supplies, Pill Bottles
How To Make A Pill Bottle Survival Kit
Survival Tools, Outdoor Survival, Water Bottle
Water Bottle Survival Kit
Personal Hygiene, Trips, 72 Hour Emergency Kit
7 Top Items to Always Have in Your 72 Hour Kit.