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Dicas para a horta

thisbigcity: Get growing veg! Check out the infographic in full here Wow! We really like this fantastic infographic for growing vegetables in urban locales - right down to what to grow when and what plants grow well with others. Get plantin’!

Se Fizer Isso Em Um Jarro, Terá Tangerinas Sempre Que Quiser!

Everyone’s had to deal with odors in their home, whether from a rotten product, no ventilation or another cause. Of course, everyone wants to live in a clean and fresh home which promotes calmness, but

At-Home Six Pack Abs Workout (No Equipment Needed!)

At-Home Six Pack Abs Workout (No Equipment Needed!) - Tap the pin if you love super heroes too! Cause guess what? you will LOVE these super hero fitness shirts!

In this infographic, we take a look at the best practices of waist training and how you can achieve optimal results.

Thanks goodness this is a circulating pin! Corsetting is safe and effective! Make sure you START only wearing it for a few hours a day to be kind to the body!

How to begin waist training and which corset to buy

How to choose a corset suitable for waist training and how to begin.

I'm in love with these new waist trainers. They're built for day to day use and are made from a high quality elasticized material which is comfortable to wear b

This is the latest model of our best selling waist training corset. It& made from a high quality polyester spandex blend and includes four flexible spiral ste