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a poster with different colors and lines on the side of it, all in different directions
Coloured Pencil Tutorial Prt 1 by rehabilitative on DeviantArt
Coloured Pencil Tutorial Prt 1 by on @deviantART
a poster with different colored lines on the bottom and bottom, including an arrow in the middle
A Guide to Color Theory For Designers
Psychology of Colors
a painting with pink and black flowers on it
This item is unavailable - Etsy
This isn't a craft but I thought it was pretty
a pen drawing of a musical note
Zentangle Treble Clef
Flower Zentangles | would like to share another Zentangle picture; this time with a ...
someone is drawing an eye with colored pencils
A Lady of Many Talents - Make Something Mondays
If you look at this, you're gonna turn to stone!
a drawing of a colorful feather on white paper
Colored feather art doodle idea for Dulce.
a red pen sitting on top of a notebook next to an orange and white flower
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four different images of an open book with black and white designs on it, all showing the same pages
Zen tangle
a person is drawing on a piece of paper with a black and white pattern in the background
Gosh, I had no idea this had a name! It's apparently Zentangle... I'd always just thought I was doodling!
the screen shot shows an image of a drawing with black and white lines on it
Gin Tonic
octopus legs! Sun Zentangle - Doodle - (Tangletime website)
two pictures with different lines and shapes on them
Saifou images | SaiFou
an open notebook with black and white doodles on it next to some books, pens and pencils
Vandelay Design: Web Design Blog
The drawing shows myriad curvilinear lines of varying thickness and direction. These lines give the forms definition.