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▶ CONFLUENCE - New Large Flow Paintings by Jonas Gerard - YouTube (8:38)

what happens when you combine high flow acrylic, a trowel, music as energy instigator and abandon ego. His art reminds me of staring at clouds for hours, finding new paths, images messages.

DIY-lampa: Väggkrok + lampsladd - DIY & pyssel - Husligheter

I used the bank holiday weekend to do some DIY in the house; to convert a Muuto pendant lamp into a bedside lamp.

Meg & Steve's Urban Nest

Design Dozen: 12 Clever Space-Saving Solutions for Small Bedrooms A nightstand that mounts on the wall is perfect for a small bedroom. The open space underneath the nightstand visually enlarges the space, and you can open drawers under bed !

We attract the people we feel we deserve unconsciously.

We attract the people we feel we deserve unconsciously.



I've seen this several times. I'm glad for my real friends

Some people aren't really loyal to you. they are loyal to their need of you. once their need changes (like if they found someone else that would keep them from being lonely who I guess is better than you), so does their loyalty.

Sometimes I need to evaluate this cause I tend to carry others weight & I need to stop doing that

I'm starting to realize that I carry a cross on my back. I need to remember that God already carried my cross for me and whatever happens (is happening) I need to let it all go and let God hold it for me.