Elodi Jansen

Elodi Jansen

Trying to not give a shit about people's opinions
Elodi Jansen
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ancient-egyptian-depilation-remove-hair-naturally-with-this-simple-depilation-with-sugar-paste - easy hair removal

Ohm tree Buddhist symbol for inner peace. this would be cool to paint!

Ohm tree - hmm, I'd never thought of incorporating my desire for an ohm tattoo AND a tree tattoo into one design.

Sun and moon.

Sun and moon tattoo. With the quote "The sun loved the moon so much he died every night to let her breathe." Love this quote and tattoo

My sun moon tattoo

love beauty light beautiful gorgeous wonderful moon lovely enchanted sun nature natural ink wonder glow girls with tattoos moon tattoo enchanting sun and moon sun tattoo all natural sun and moon tattoo

why zits show up where they do

acne, inflammation and redness may indicate internal health issues. this face chart can be used to investigate your internal health. So interesting I have digestion issues. Exactly where I break out.