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RECIPES: Biltong Spice Recipes | Hunting

RECIPES: Biltong Spice Recipes

Hi chaps, I have just built myself a biltong box and have a muntjac hanging waiting to be put to good use. Does anybody have any recipes they would...


How To Make The Perfect Biltong : Life Retreat | South Africa

With the increased meat prices, biltong has become more of a delicacy than just a delicious snack these days. More and more biltong lovers have...

Original Beef Droewors - 500g

Our Original droëwors is made from grass-fed Aberdeen Angus beef cattle - we only use premium Silverside. Our butchers hand cut the meat and it's then made to our old family recipe with pure beef and a mix of our own spices (coriander, course salt and pepper with a few secret spices). We then slow dry it for three days to make delicious tasting droëwors.Ingredients: Made with 210g of Beef per 100g of finished product, Natural Casings, Salt, Spices & Spice Extract, Dextrose Flavouring and…

Now make little hooks from the paper clips and hang your meat. Be sure they don't touch and make sure they have plenty of room to air. You can hang your biltong anywhere as long as the area is dry.

How to Make South African Biltong

This is the method I use to make this traditional South African snack. Best served thinly sliced with an ice cold beer!

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