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a painting of grapes with green leaves
Grape bunch Painting
blue grapes and figs on a cutting board with a knife
Fresh organic figs grapes prunes featuring agriculture, autumn, and berry
an oil painting of plums in purple and pink colors on a black background,
A plums Painting
a drawing of a papaya fruit with seeds cut in half to show the inside
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Antique Botanical Prints - Papaya Exotic Fruit Illustration Wall Art Set of 2 Downloadable Prints
a painting of a bunch of grapes hanging on a wall
Мариус ван Dokkum | Фрукты
an apple sitting on top of a wooden table
Still Life with Pomegranate & Blue Background
Oil paintings by Abbey Ryan
the pomegranate is cut in half and ready to be eaten
Granadas *
two pomegranates with leaves on a pink background
Daily Paintworks - Original Fine Art © Karen Werner
"Pomegranates" - Original Fine Art for Sale - © Karen Werner
a painting of pomegranates on a cutting board
Pomegranates Still Life Paintings for Sale - Fine Art America
Pomegranates. Still Life. Paintings - Pomegranates by Robert Papp
a painting of strawberries and flowers in a basket
Вкус лета. Клубника» картина Вавейкиной Светланы маслом на холсте
Вавейкина Светлана. Вкус лета. Клубника