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S is for Star Space Theme activity
Make learning letters fun and hands-on with this S is for Star ⭐️ stamping activity! Make a star shape stamp using an empty paper roll. Look for all the S and stamp a golden star on them. 🌟 👉🏻 Recommended for 2 to 4yo ❤️ Love this activity? Follow @happytotshelf for more fun and creative learning activities for kids!
the alphabet is made up of many different things
counting to 10 with animals and numbers
The Little Jones | Counting to 10 poster - Educational, maths print
the words play learn inspire help explore dream create in different colors and font on a white background
Mixtiles Art - Beautiful framed art that sticks to any wall
a poster with the words sunday, wednesday and friday written in different colors on it
two wooden signs that say today is yesterday was
a poster with different facial expressions and words on the front of it that say how do you feel today?
Feelings Faces Activity | Social Emotional Learning - Forward With Fun