Elanie Rupping

Elanie Rupping

Johannesburg, South Africa / Dreamer, believer, in the perpetual pursuit of beauty and inspiration...
Elanie Rupping
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Reminds me of my Sissy and me. I can still remember a game we used to play, where I would eat very sloppily and she would pretend to be very offended by me. I think we called it " The wild girl and the proper lady".

This is what I want for my girls, sadly I never had a sister for a best friend but I will help grow the love for my girls to be best friends forever ♡

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Feed The Birds this might be fun, uplifting, enlivening. wonder if you can keep easy to care for birds outdoors then feed them like this?


late night car rides, and seeing all the lights. I've always liked going on car rides but going during the night is my favourite time.

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If we do photos in a café a pose similar to this. Also love the outfit .THE BRICK

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∮ Children see things grown ups have become blind to - the treacherous lines of shadow that can break their mother'a back. There is no beginning, no ending. Only the infinite passion of life. ~Federico Fellini ∮ Photo Credit: from Lamb Loves Fox