Ellenice November

Ellenice November

Ellenice November
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No one is getting out alive. Nanea Hoffman

Do it all now, and don't waste time or energy on lies, games, incessant drama, and other bullshit.

galaxies in your eyes

I saw galaxies in your eyes. When I see the beauty in someone, I can always see galaxies.

I wasn't attached at any string imaginable. Right from day one I figured one thing I will never ever, figure out for the rest of my life. I never liked the Idea, but my reality is him. I know he cudnt imagine how much sleep he's losing too. His heart tells me everything he wont dare.

aflyfisherfromtexas: pearlz-n-lace: Fucking eh Baby, I’ve already broken rule and I love it…LOL Omg. Thus is sooo true. So stop it 💋 This time, the truth does NOT hurt& feels wonderful& are so amazing. I& glad you are MINE.

Action all you ever wanted to do in life.. no matter what it starts with you..

"Live your life unattached from the approval of others; if you know your being is in the right place, act upon it." Act without fear

I have a lot of issues letting shit go, something to work on however. None of us are perfect