South African Melktert

South African Melktert (Milktart)

Old-fashioned, home-made South African ginger beer

A delicious taste of childhood: lemony, gingery and fizzy. It& so refreshing and so easy to make that I have now resolved to make a batch e.

Christmas recipe: Quick and easy chocolate and Amarula trifle | Getaway Travel Blog

I love the tradition of trifle, but am not the hugest fan of the soggy swiss roll or jelly. To top it, I’m a chocolate fiend. This Christmas dessert combines all the best parts of trifle and adds an Amarula-doused chocolatey twist.

Traditional bobotie recipe

Traditional South African bobotie recipe - Getaway Magazine I made this for Hendric tonight, he hated it soooo much he had to have two helpings LOL

Amarula malva pudding recipe

Amarula malva pudding recipe: This malva pudding is a traditional South African favourite recipe with a twist: Amarula sauce.

Snoek & Apricot Jam

The perfect recipe for snoek on the braai, using apricot jam. A traditional South African recipe plus where to buy fresh fish in Cape Town.

Banana bread recipe

Malva pudding, chicken pie, lamb shanks, bobotie and oxtail potjie: what's not to love about South African dishes?