Chip and potato

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some cartoon animals and hearts on a white background with the words smile memess
a cartoon mouse wearing a pink shirt and yellow pants with hearts on it's chest
some cute little dogs with different expressions on their face and chest, one is wearing a pink
there are many cupcakes that have been decorated to look like bears on sticks
the cups are lined up on the table with pandas and other animal stickers
10pc Chip and Potato 12oz Party Cups - BOY
"Make your Chip and Potato birthday party a brighter one with these 10 Bright Chip and Potato Cups! *PRODUCT INFORMATION* - 10 Cups, 12oz - Each cup includes 2 1/4\" Diameter label with Chip and Potato characters! - Each cup has dual labels so characters can be enjoyed from both sides! Copyright of the character images or trademarks used in this design is not being sold. I do not claim ownership of these licensed characters. My fees cover only the time spent designing and creating the finished i