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a woman in red shirt holding a bird on top of a wire net next to a fence
Hostpoint - Zugriff deaktiviert
HofAtelier Daniela Dill-Kubillus: Galerie
three pieces of wood sitting on top of a table next to pencils and markers
Little Houses
Le casette decorative, nei più svariati materiali, sono un classico dell' handmade. Stoffa, legno, ceramica, carta... ...comunque...
blue and white flowers are in a vase on a tile mat with green leafy leaves
Hortênsias. ..
a clock made out of ceramic figurines and flowers
New Works
Susan Elliott - New Works
people are sitting on benches in front of a mosaic wall with birds and flowers painted on it
The Giant House by Josie Martin in New Zealand - filled with mosaic art.
a statue made out of mosaic tiles in the woods
Star Gazer by Virginia Bullman and LaNelle Davis. Private garden, Chapel Hill, NC
two women standing next to a large statue in the middle of some trees and bushes
Art Gallery and Clay Classes | Cheryl Tall Art Studio | United States
"The White Queen" by Cheryl Tall, shown at the San Diego Botanic Garden. Love Cheryl Tall's work. I remember when she first came to North County. I met her at the Cannon Gallery in Carlsbad.